Approved life jackets

Do you know that there is an object that is capable of saving your life from a terrible death by drowning in the sea? Probably yes, but you don’t know the exact name and this is approved life jackets. These are nothing more than useful objects to save our lives in times of risk. The most curious thing is that they have been internationally recognized for safeguarding people who are making trips at sea. If you want to know more, we will show you all the information you need to know and more pay attention! 

What is an approved life jacket?

It is an essential object at the moment of an accident in which it involves falling into the water in a sea or ocean, or literally in any concentration of water. The key question is: how do you recognize the ideal vest? Well, the first thing is to verify that the neck of the vest is at a height that the person’s head can come out of there and stay floating in the water, so that you can breathe properly while help is on the way. In addition, they have vivid colors, that is, colors that can be seen from a great distance.

What are approved life jackets for?

They are very useful for the whole world because, as their name implies, they save the lives of people who are in danger. Moreover, according to UNI EN USO 12420-3 explains that all life jackets must be of equal characteristics, thus demonstrating that when there is a victim, people are aware that it needs imminent rescue of the person who is at sea.

Top of approved life jackets.

There are different types of approved lifejackets very easy to acquire and that can be bought in the market, these are:

Poseidon Vest MSC200 (80)-43-Arnes

Its discounted price is: 128,04€ (its price without discount is: 142,27€). It is a life jacket that resists a maximum of 43 kg, in addition to having a protective harness. With a modular system in the neck called “Buddy System”. For more information about this lifejacket, go here to the website. 

Vest JET 100-N XL

Its discounted price is: 101,90€ (its price without discount is: 110,76€). A lifejacket that resists a maximum of 100 Newton. This is used for jet skis, and also has 3 anchors for added protection. For more information regarding this lifejacket, go here to the website.

Martinica life jacket 80/90 Kg 150N

Its discounted price is: 53.71€ (its price without discount is: 58.38€). It is a life jacket that resists a maximum of 150 Newton, ie between 80 and 90 kg. It has a modular neck that makes a much greater protection in the part of the head. It has 2 plastic buckles that can be adjusted to the waist and torso. Also, for more protection has reflective bands and a warning whistle. For more information regarding this lifejacket, go here to the website.  

Where to buy them?

You can buy these products for the nautical protection of people through our website Barcos online, where you will find all these types of life jackets and many more. In addition, we have a totally secure online payment method and a 100% guaranteed shipping system. So follow them on the social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp and enter our page now! You won’t regret it. 

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