Catamaran for special events!

Do you want to make a super special discreet event in the ocean, but don’t know which ship to choose? Here’s the perfect boat for it: a catamaran. Find out what it is, where you can find it and more.
What is it? Curious data and navigation
A catamaran is a large vessel with two parallel hulls of the same size and a stabilized geometry. As they have no ballast, they are lighter.
The combined hulls they use have less hydrodynamic resistance compared to comparable monohulls. In addition, they are powered by motor or sail.
Fun facts
You must bear in mind that catamarans have been used since ancient times by a community of parabas in Tamil Nadu, on its southern coast.
The Tamil Chola dynasty (5th century A.D.) used them to mobilize their army as far as Burma, Malaysia and Indonesia.
However, this type of boat has given rise to various patents, proposals and designs that have generated the interesting Wave-Piercing or Folicat that have two floating hulls.
However, do not forget that the designs are relatively new when it comes to boats for work or leisure, and were even subject to the great skepticism of sailors accustomed to the professional.
There are various catamarans in the world that are used as ferries, auxiliaries or fishing boats.
The largest in competition catamarans is “PlayStation” with 125′ (long) and a 147′ mast over water.
Sailing with a catamaran
There is no heel on cruising catamarans.
Their movement is that of pitching which makes the crew dizzy.
It has a low draft, which allows a greater approach to the coast and pass through places to which a monohull does not access.
It has a surface in m2 of habitability, it is very luminous and a vision of about 360 degrees.
With their hulls joined through the living room, you can have greater independence on board, to the point that two family groups can live independently.
Where to get it?
You can rent this catamaran for your special events at Barracuda Ibiza Chárter. This is a company that allows you to rent boats like catamarans so that you can enjoy the sea and its freedom.
They also suggest various routes along which you can navigate with their selection of boats, yachts, boats and chargers.
It also has its own website where you can make contact and rent.
At the same time, they offer you the best personalized attention and you can contact them through social networks (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), by email or phone.
What catamaran do they offer you?
The ship that Barracuda Ibiza Chárter offers you has 150 places, it has underwater blue LEDs, an elegant teak floor throughout the ship, two bathrooms with their respective showers, a large solarium to enjoy the sun’s rays, permanent cleaning service and a Chill area.
It has two 160 hp engines and an electric power of 28 thousand W. Meanwhile, its measures are 23.80 m long, a beam of 12.45m and a draft of 1.80m.
In a catamaran you can enjoy the events of the company, family, meetings, parties, birthdays and so on, so you can enjoy the various events and the beautiful sunsets or the sunrise the ocean.
Enjoy! Visit and enjoy the seafront.

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